Recently, Stack Exchange (the site's host) is running a test of only requiring 3 votes to close or re-open content. Details of the test can be found here.

Currently, it takes 5 users to agree to close a post to close it. Close votes age away with the passage of time, thus several questions which may be of low or questionable quality are still live on the site. Dropping the threshold down to only require 3 voters means that it is faster and easier for the community to remove low quality content.

As per guidance on the use of the tag for this meta site (details here), if we have community agreement to opt into the test, a moderator can add the relevant tag to request that we opt into this test.

Question: Is the community here willing to opt into this beta? If the answer is yes, could a moderator apply the relevant tag to bring this proposal to the notice of someone who can make the relevant changes?

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Agree we should opt in especially with the lack of folks here.

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