edX is soon no longer a non-profit effort by two prestigious universities to bring education to the masses. It's set to start a new life as an IP asset in the coffers of a private company,

It's my opinion that we (volunteer communities) should not support private companies in an attempt to build their brands on the network, for free. Nor to expand their catalog of IP properties. Further, given the options available to the professors, we should make continued use of the edX platform the least palatable to them,

Faculty will have several options for their MITx classes: continue to offer them on edX; move them to a new platform we are referring to as MITx Online; explore options like OpenCourseWare or the Open Learning Library; or remove them altogether. MIT Open Learning will work with faculty to help them understand their options in more detail.

It's in the best interest of the community and education to push for OpenCourseWare adoption, licensed under CC-BY-SA, and the disuse of the edX brand. Is CS50 a property of edX, and soon 2U? Or do the professors plan to move it to OpenCourseWare?

To that, we should have the option to withdraw our support for the beta site officially if the plan is to allow the 800M sale of edX to 2U to include cs50. It's our support of a beta site that incubates the site out of beta. And with the change in ownership of edX, I would not want to see a community persist around CS50, never mind be apart of it.


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