1. For numerous problems there are 'more' and 'less' versions of them. In some cases they are tagged x-more and x-less In others I've seen xmore and xless. I think we should be consistent and/or setup synonyms.

  2. psetX tags are vague since there are now cs50x, cs50p, cs50w and cs50ai. we should probably make them specific to the course or remove them entirely.

  3. The number of tags just to describe a problem is growing so large it overshadows the ability to put a true language area tag like say 'pointers'. for example with a problem on blur in filter-more cs50x pset4 filter-more c blur you've taken up 5 tags just to say what you are working on. What should the preference be here? I think having the language in the tag is helpful for people helping to immediately find problems they can be of service to, and I think the problem name is definately critical. The PSET and the Course seem less important than everything else here.


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