Both in each set have associated questions. Makes sense to me to combine the tags.

  • caesar, caesar.c
  • greedy, greedy.c
  • mario, mario.c
  • find, find.c

Can these please be combined?

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I'll ask the obvious question in response - which convention do you want to keep? File extension or no file extension?

A third option would be to go the hierarchical route and format the tags as e.g. [pset1-greedy], [pset2-caesar] and so on. This would be the most consistent and explicit route, since the .c file extension only applies to the 6 of the 9 problem sets and Scratch doesn't have file extensions at all. But it's also more verbose and might make the [pset1], [pset2] etc. tags redundant.

  • I was thinking in terms of how the flair is organized on our reddit. caesar, greedy, mario, find
    – curiouskiwi Mod
    Aug 6, 2014 at 21:14

I went ahead and took care of this today by retagging the .c questions that referred to specific problems. I left alone since that doesn't refer to a specific problem.

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