In most SE websites (e.g : Academia, Stack Overflow...) questions considered to be too broad and questions which can accept too many valid answers are close. I was going to post a PSA on reddit reminding when cs50.SE should be used and when it shouldn't but I didn't post anything yet since this point seems rather unclear.

Should we accept broad questions and/or questions who do not expect for precise answer ?

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Personally I think that our little branches of these communities are intended to follow the same general guidelines as the communities themselves. In doing so we both prepare the cs50 users for integration outside of our bubble, and also make sure that the cs50 addition is an additive change rather than a destructive one.

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    Sure, in general that's true, but many, many network sites make exceptions in one area or another based on what works for them. At least users who start out here will get used to some aspects of SE before they move into the larger communities. We absolutely do not need to enforce the same type of scoping rules that they have on SO.
    – Air
    Jun 22, 2014 at 19:11

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