A couple of minutes ago I posted my first question on the Meta.

However, when I added a Tag, a big red exclamation symbol popped up, probably with some error message which could not be read because of a big popup window which appeared at the same time ...

Invisible Error Message

The error message only became visible after I had accidentally solved the error ...

Error message after error has already been resolved

Would it be possible to include the actual error message somewhere in that big popup?

In case the bug is related to the browser: Using Firefox Quantum, version 62.0.3 (64-bits)

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Sounds like another "feechur". This, like your previous question, is part of the system design. Our forum moderators have little or no control of this, but you could take this over to the actual StackExchange forum (click on the link at the upper left) and let the developers know there. Hopefully, they will address it in the future.

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