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Why are downvotes locked?

I downvoted a question but later changed my mind. What do I do? Your help would be appreciated!
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1 answer

Empty Review queues - I keep getting Notifications

Every couple of hours I keep getting a notification that I have to work on the Review Queue for Low Quality Posts. But whenever I take a look, I see that that Review Queue is empty ... Is there ...
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1 answer

Question about the extra resources (post-mortem solutions)

I'm going over pset5 and reviewing the solution from past psets for guidance in how to approach it. It seems like they walk you through the majority of the problem, so I was wondering at what point ...
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CS50 IDE's GDB Debugger

Just out of curiosity and lack on prior knowledge wanted to know -- if the GDB on other IDEs is run in the same way as we run it on CS50's Cloud9 IDE? i.e. if they have a similar debugger button or is ...
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1 vote
1 answer

How to use syntax highlighting on CS50 SE?

I'm aware that Stack Exchange uses the Google prettify to add syntax highlight to code we use in our answers, but how do you specify in what language your code is, if you want to specify it explicitly ...
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Remaining delete vote count is incorrect in voting dialog

This seems like it would be a network-wide issue but I haven't found an identical report on meta.SE and I do not have delete voting privileges on any other site, so I can't test that assumption. When ...
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8 votes
2 answers

The moderators do not seem to be moderating

It may just be me not understanding how this site works, but these are the moderators (all appointed March 2014): danallan ♦ 1 - No activity besides reading tour page. daven ♦ 1 - Absolutely nothing....
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Editing disabled

I'm trying to edit a question to improve readability: mario.c-printing of pyramid tower While I was editing someone else made an edit which blocked my edits from being saved, and now editing seems ...
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