Source: >! <pre><code>#include <stdio.h> >! >! int main(void) >! { >! printf("Hello, world!\n"); >! >! return 0; >! }</pre></code> Result: You do lose the nice colors of the formatting though...


Executive summary: Questions on any Stack Exchange subsite will be closed in the event of an upvoted or accepted answer. I recommend everyone provide a note reminding the asker to accept the answer if helpful (like the ones @Cliff B has been posting for some time). Incidentally if the asker does not accept the answer, a future visitor can upvote the ...


syntax highlighting is now turned on.


I tried to explicitly force a specific language for the highlighting, in the main site, and it seems to work, at least in the preview. I didn't post an answer, since I didn't have one to write, so I cannot say if it works also when the post is saved.


I went ahead and took care of this today by retagging the .c questions that referred to specific problems. I left helpers.c alone since that doesn't refer to a specific problem.


I'll ask the obvious question in response - which convention do you want to keep? File extension or no file extension? A third option would be to go the hierarchical route and format the tags as e.g. [pset1-greedy], [pset2-caesar] and so on. This would be the most consistent and explicit route, since the .c file extension only applies to the 6 of the 9 ...


So... will this problem ever be solved? It's annoying! I think a question should be automatically closed after a certain amount of time after which it's obvious that the user won't ever come back again to see the answer to their question, like 1 or 2 months or whatever.


I love it that this question has been unanswered for more than fifteen months as of this writing. Meanwhile, a whole bunch of people have been attempting to answer this question ... but, of course, the entire discussion is taking place in the comments. This meta question is so meta, it's Hofstadter meta. If you're happy with this answer, please mark this ...

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