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Why questions don't get answers or why people are ignored?

[EDIT: 2/5/17 For those referred here as well as everyone else! ] READ THIS FIRST!!! If you were referred to this post, please don't take it badly or the wrong way, especially if you are new to the ...
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Burninate numeric tags, e.g. "400"

Bare numbers are not useful tags and should be burninated: .53 0.53 400
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Should we encourage question upvoting?

This is my first post to the CS50 Meta group. I don't think this is a duplicate question/comment: Would it be useful to encourage people (including moderators & alumni) to upvote good questions? ...
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Breaking: the sale of edX assets to a publicly traded company

edX is soon no longer a non-profit effort by two prestigious universities to bring education to the masses. It's set to start a new life as an IP asset in the coffers of a private company, https://...
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Consider opting into the 3-vote close and reopen test

Recently, Stack Exchange (the site's host) is running a test of only requiring 3 votes to close or re-open content. Details of the test can be found here. Currently, it takes 5 users to agree to close ...
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THINK before editing someone else's question or answer!

Are you about to edit someone else's work? Before you do, think about what you are doing!!!! I write this because of a recent rash of trivial and/or harmful edits. Edits should materially ...
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Synonyms - Do you have problems creating or suggesting them?

We have far too many tags, partly because we're not synonymizing them - the first step in the mods merging them. I think we need to start working on this problem. I've been having trouble creating ...
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Add recent questions feeds to the cs50 chat room

Just what it says on the tin. Chat room feed settings are available only to moderators and room owners. Here are the feed URLs, taken directly from the icons at the bottom of our main and meta ...
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Tagging is a bit nonstandard for a number of cs50x problems and vague in general

For numerous problems there are 'more' and 'less' versions of them. In some cases they are tagged x-more and x-less In others I've seen xmore and xless. I think we should be consistent and/or setup ...
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Boilerplate in answers directing users to mark as accepted?

I'm not sure the network permits this, "If this answers your question, please click on the check mark to accept. Let's keep up on forum maintenance. ;-)" There are 1,500 that have this message ...
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Question about the extra resources (post-mortem solutions)

I'm going over pset5 and reviewing the solution from past psets for guidance in how to approach it. It seems like they walk you through the majority of the problem, so I was wondering at what point ...
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Course ending on December 31st 2018

So I logged into edx and when I was looking at the psets, and I saw an announcement that said the class ends on December 31st 2018. I was under the impression that I needed to have everything ...